Why do we take insurance? the last point will make you regret for not taking the insurance

Why Having Insurance Is Important?

Everyone, of course, wants their family’s lives to be guaranteed,both now and in the future.

The reason is, it is very difficult to be able to predict health and things that will happen in the future.The
thing you can prepare from now on to prevent anything unwanted from happening is to live a healthy life, one of which is exercise. But, if you think that just doing a healthy lifestyle is not enough, maybe this is the right time for you to buy Health Insurance products for your family.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who misunderstand life insurance. Not a few people think that life insurance is a product that is not important and will not be used. In fact, the existence of life insurance is very important,especially for families that rely heavily on one person as a source of family income. Not only that, insurance also provides many
other benefits.

Here are some reasons why having insurance is important.

  1. Make Yourself More Disciplined
    The amount of income you receive each month at productive age tends to make us wasteful and consumptive people. To avoid this, start investing from an early age. By increasing your investment and savings, your money will not be used
    up for nothing.Better to set aside income to buy insurance premiums. Discipline is one of the characteristics that you must have for a better life. There are many ways you can do to train
    your discipline and one of them is with health insurance.It is because,whatever type of insurance you choose, it will definitely require you to make premium payments every month. This payment is in accordance with a predetermined amount of funds. The time to pay for health insurance has also
    been determined, for example on every 20th or other according to the agreement. That way, you inevitably have to pay a premium on the 20th of each month.
  2. Providing a Sense of Security The reason why Health Insurance for families is very important is because this product can provide a sense of security for every policyholder. Everyone wants their family to be healthy and active,but no one can predict what will happen in the future. Therefore,it’s a good idea to prepare as early as possible. There are various health insurance companies in World. All have their own standards. Choose a health insurance company that can guarantee welfare by providing complete health services with good standards.So that one day if you experience health problems,you will receive care,treatment,and recovery according to the best available standards.
  3. Investing in the future Usually, there is an insurance package that includes investments in the form of mutual funds or stocks.Several insurance companies have insurance products that are also investments. Either in the form of mutual funds or stocks. Well,there is nothing wrong if from now on set aside your money to invest in addition to just saving. One thing that you should note, investing in insurance will protect the value of money from inflation, unlike saving money.
  4. You invest in your own health because by having insurance you have set aside money in the form of premiums. The premium you pay each month can be a reward depending on the insurance product you choose or the benefits if you don’t make a claim at all within a certain time. Productive age is the right time to work as hard as possible. But it must not be forgotten,the money that is earned should not be spent immediately. Set aside some money for investments, and health or life insurance.Many people overexert themselves in their productive age,so that when they approach old age they suffer from many diseases. Because they did not prepare special health funds, the cost of treatment was also taken out of savings. To avoid this, you should have health insurance.So, those are some reasons why having insurance is important. With life insurance your heirs will get a number of benefits that can be used for both needs.